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BATHING - Prices start at $45 (includes mobile fee) depending on pet size and coat type/condition

 Our Paw Spa bathing process is one of the foundations of a happy, healthy dog.We start it off right with a hypo-allergenic tear-free blueberry facial and a shampoo and conditioner choice based on skin and coat type. During the massaging bath, the glands are checked and externally expressed as necessary. The process continues as we thoroughly blow-dry and brush your pet, comb out any remaining tangles, clean and deodorize the ears, trim & file the nails, spritz a little Rupert's Simply Smoochable alcohol-free breath spray, then trim the paw pads (top and bottom as necessary) and the sanitary areas.

GROOMING -Prices start at $65 (includes mobile fee) depending on pet size and coat type/condition

We believe that a good groom begins with a great bath.We begin with the Paw Spa bathing process described above. Where we go from there is your choice. With knowledge of over 400 breeds, I am able to tailor your dog's look to its breed standard, including hand-stripping and hand-carding of terrier and certain sporting breed. We can modify the breed standard, or create something totally new! Puppy cuts are a specialty of the house. Have you seen the new and clever Korean clips? They're quite unique, and you may have the only one on the block with this fabulous new look! Want to get even more creative? Let's add some color! Its up to you. Traditional or revolutionary - I'm happy to oblige!

SHED-LESS TREATMENT- Prices start at $45 (includes mobile fee) depending on pet size and coat type/condition

We believe that a good groom begins with a great bath and the de-shedding process is no exception. The de-shedding process begins with the Paw Spa bathing process. The shampoo of choice here is Furminator-brand shampoo and conditioner, which is designed to loosen hair in the follicles. The massaging bath incorporates the Furminator rubber brush which is designed to expedite the release of excess fur.  The forced-air blow-dry and brushing process assists in the still further loosening and release of yet more fur. The process  continues with a thorough undercoat rake with the patented Mars Coat King and/or Furminator tool which removes the last of any ready-to-shed fur left in the coat. Finally I tidy up and trim any loose ends so that your dog looks fabulous! I highly recommend this process for all double- and triple-coated dogs. You will enjoy the shed-less time between groomings, and your pet with be happier without the excess fur; his skin and coat will be healthier as a result as well!

Hand-stipping Terrier and Sporting breeds $10/15 minutes
De-matting - $10/15 minutes
          Extensive de-matting is painful to your pet and we do not subscribe to this process. Pelted coats will ONLY be shaved down. The term "pelted"

          refers to any coat which has matted so densely as to be intertwined at skin level, and generally can be removed as one piece, or "pelt."

Special Handling Fees are variable depending on the difficulty of handling special needs pets.